EOTM 19/027/001


Today, we will try and genuinely entreat ourselves to be good politicians.
Politics is a tool for development and not a tool for creating decptive words nor amassing incompetent wealth.It is our desire that every politician will be as good as they can be.The tags of corruption and dishonesty should be erased from the general profile of “politicians” and that is one of which this piece seeks to achieve.

Are you willing as a politician to eschew dishonesty?
Are we ready to pursue nation-building with the needed proactiveness?
Are we ready to see our political competitor as a significant adversary?
Are you willing to bring your losing opponent on board when you win?
Are you willing to learn from your subordinates and superiors?
Please be a good politician.This piece will seek to implore every politican and truly entreat every Tom,Dick and Harry to be fruitfully progressive.I am here to beg you to be a good politician.

Growing up,I had known some positively-regarded politicians,until later I learnt “politicians” were really termed corrupt.Growing,I have really been academics-focused until I realized I could stand up to help my nation in many ways – until I realized that my socioacademic training , developed habits and character and inherent abilities were ripe enough to cause me to lead or advocate for a good change.Talk of the dirty streets of urban Accra; the low standard of living; and the pessimistic citizens- having little faith in what Ghana could achieve or improve to become.That is enough to kindle a young man of his political aspiration.

The nations have had politicians who have effected good change and those who had woefully messed up.Pleaae be a good politician.

A good politician:
1. sees politics as a tool for development; and not for creating deceptive words nor amassing incompetent wealth.For Christ sake, the “post”(as it is termed) should not be ticked as a platform to amass incompetent wealth.During their quest for power, some use “atro and nkontompo”(lies/deception) to maneuver their way through…to be voted into power.So bad! Politics is a tool for development and a good politican will see it as such.Let us intentionally have the mindset of nation-building when politics come to mind.With such a mode of thought, we will be better in livelihood and with our economies as a nations or institutions.A good politican sees politics as a platform to realize good developments not to the detriment of the people,but to our United advantage,and even at times disadvantage.

#2. A good politician values and willingly preserves his integrity in any political bid or tenure.

#3.A good politican strives more to proactively plan and builds up his or her competence for the portfolio than urging to win polls unprepared.

#4.A good of politician brings losing opponents on board during his governing tenure to help them implement good ideas or policies they’ll might have had.Nelson Mandela is known and celebrated to have ruled South Africa with “his enemies- his political foes”.He ruled and achieved a transgenerational remembrance.

#5.A good politician is hardworking.

“If we don’t work hard,
the nation will not progress even a yard”…
A section of my poem entitled *HARDWORK*.

#6.A good politician does not amend a law to cover his mess nor allow his rebellion.

#7.A good politician is visionary, intuitive and courteous.
Beloved, let us make that resolution,if it hasn’t been made- so that we become good politicians.
Since you have been born into a nation, your abhorrence(things you hate) and your wishes for the nation together with your unconscious competencies give you a part to play in nation-building and politics,for that matter. A s you have realized that you have a good quota to live and leave, Be A Good Politician.
Thank you.

(Written by
Gershon Boakye
Saturday, 6th July,2019
@ From 22:57 GMT to 23:22GMT).

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